Opinion: Why The Apple iphone Is Not For Me…Or Even You – Dare Ajogbeje

Opinion: Why The Apple iphone Is Not For Me…Or Even You – Dare Ajogbeje

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Apple’s iPhone 11 smartphone hit the market on 20th September, 2019 while iPhone 11 Pro and  iPhone 11 Pro Max will follow suit in October, 2019

The ‘entry level’ iPhone 11 will, on the average, cost £800 in UK and $1200 in USA and Canada.

Major wireless providers abroad are offering the new smartphones to customers on a 2 – year contract basis. No down payment. No stress. Just monthly payments.

In the interim, I have shunned the offer from my service provider. #NaGbese

Even at zero cost, how many people use expensive smartphones abroad? Maybe 5%.

Everyone is a bit too frugal to splash out on new iPhone 11 series except celebrities with deep pockets.

Dollars don’t grow on trees you know? There are monthly bills to pay.

However, our ‘copy copy’ class-conscious people back home with insatiable appetite for latest stuff will pay between N600k and N700k in cash without batting an eyelid. #Woow: Awon Baba Olowo

I am not trying to de-market Apple’s new sleek smartphone series on my platform. I like innovations. I like good things. Who doesn’t like better things?

Sometimes, we should apply COMMON SENSE in our finance.

Certainly, our corrupt and avaricious politicians, money bags, Yahoo Yahoo guys and ‘follow follow’ celebrities will rush at the speed of light, to buy iPhone 11 series for themselves and their numerous concubines. #FreeMoney

However, does it make sense for wage earners and honest or straight people back home to buy the latest smartphone at this prohibitive cost?

Just to show off? Or keep up with the Joneses? On empty stomach? When they live in slums? In the face of grinding poverty? With phone snatchers prowling the streets in droves?

Amidst rampaging one chance bus syndicates in our cities? I don’t think so. Simply put, it is a misplaced priority. #NotWise

I have an intuitive feeling that verily verily and very very soon, our female students and undergraduates, baby mamas and slay queens, with no fixed business address, will make ownership of the new iPhone 11 series a big deal on campuses and social media after sleazy affairs or rounds of acrobatic styles and athletic moves in the other room with shady characters. #Limpopo is the real deal. The step changer. #NotCool:

They will flaunt it endlessly with their empty head and broken English! E concern me? #No and #Yes #BadInfluence: Don’t join the madness. Don’t kill yourself.

NOTHING is a – must have: by fire, by force. Smartphone is a WASTING ASSET.

Instead, do something worthwhile with N700k if you have it. As for me and my household, NO WAY for iPhone 11 series until the crazy price crashes to ‘mekunnu’ or affordable level.

I have embarked on one man protest. Yeah! I work hard for my money. And l spend it wisely

Did l sound like an old school? Or stingy ‘Omo Oko’ from Ekiti?

In the usual words of my adorable children anytime we disagree on principles……”You can take a bush man out of the bush, but you can’t completely take the bush out of him”. #NoShaking.

I have no apologies for my stand. Because, I do know that there is no need to show off or enter ‘gbese’ when you know who you are!

Dare Ajogbeje
St Catharines. Ontario. Canada